ACE Foundation History

Creating Safe and Affirming Resources for Low-Income LGBTQIA+ Folx

Amanda Mogoi and her husband Vincent founded M-Care Healthcare over five years ago and in 2020 changed the focus of the clinic to affirming healthcare for LGBTQIA+ individuals. Through their work in gender affirming care, they saw the financial struggles that their transgender patients experienced. The Affirmative Care Essentials (ACE) Foundation was founded in 2022 to help provide care and resources to community members in need.  

Transgender people often face significant challenges accessing healthcare resources that meet their unique needs. There are several reasons for this, including stigma, discrimination, and lack of knowledge among healthcare providers about the specific health issues and needs of transgender people. 

The lack of healthcare resources and gender affirming care for transgender people can have serious consequences, including higher rates of mental health issues, substance abuse, and suicide. Amanda and Vincent found it essential for them as healthcare providers to help support their transgender patients, and other LGBTQIA+ people in our community. Through their passion for this community, the ACE Foundation was created. 


Support ACE Foundation in its Mission!

Financial donations allow us to purchase food, clothes, and hygiene items for those in need. Perhaps even more importantly, your financial support provides access to lifesaving gender affirming care, health care, and medications.

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